New Apps coming to XBOX starting with SkyDrive

  Today Major Nelson announced a list of 40 new apps coming to XBOX 360 before Spring 2013! Because I live in the Netherlands not all Apps will become available here. Please check out the blog post at MajorNelson.com for the entire list For some of the Apps it’s not sure if they will be available in the Netherlands, but the following Apps certainly will appear on a Dutch Xbox near you:

How-to : Digital TV always and everywhere available 1/2How-to : Digitale TV altijd en overal beschikbaar 1/2

In my previous blog post I already mentioned that I’m looking for a ‘modern’ way of watching TV. To achieve this I went looking for a solution to watch (live) TV via my HTPC, but also via our tablet and smartphone. There are� undoubtedly more ways to accomplish this, but I choose for DVBLogic’s solution. Why? Their solution is the best fit for my needs. In this blog post I will present which hard- and softrware you need and which steps you need to take take the proper preparations before you can use my ‘how-to’.

Dutch TV Channels NED1, 2 and 3 available in HD from July 4th!

The Dutch Public Broadcasting Company starts with a HD version of the Dutch TV Channels Nederland 1, 2 and 3. A quote from the source website (in Dutch): De publieke omroep start op 4 juli met de HDTV-kanalen van Nederland 1, 2 en 3. De Tour de France (NOS) vormt de aftrap voor regulier aanbod van HDTV in Nederland. De NOS zal drie weken lang alle live verslaggeving van de tour-etappes in HD-kwaliteit verzorgen.