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For Sale : Windows Home Server 2011Te Koop : Windows Home Server 2011

Today I received the latest We Got Served news letter and again it was mentioning the discount you get when you buy Windows Home Server 2011 at the moment. Last week I received a comment with a question if I would be able to help creating a Digital TV Server with the help of Windows Home Server 2011. This was when I discovered that Windows Home Server 2011 is also on sale in the Netherlands at several webshops!

How-to : Digital TV always and everywhere available 1/2How-to : Digitale TV altijd en overal beschikbaar 1/2

In my previous blog post I already mentioned that I’m looking for a ‘modern’ way of watching TV. To achieve this I went looking for a solution to watch (live) TV via my HTPC, but also via our tablet and smartphone. There are� undoubtedly more ways to accomplish this, but I choose for DVBLogic’s solution. Why? Their solution is the best fit for my needs. In this blog post I will present which hard- and softrware you need and which steps you need to take take the proper preparations before you can use my ‘how-to’.

My Connected LifeMy Connected Life

Nowadays, everyone is always and everywhere ‘ connected ‘.� Most people I know have a smarphone, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You have different gradations of � ‘connected’, but I can safely say that I belong to a group that is� “connected in the extreme” .� I prefer the� ability� to be connected 24 × 7 to follow the latest news, always be in touch with family and friends.� Nowadays this is, with all techniques, not a problem anymore.

XBOX+MCE+WHS=Nerd Network!XBOX+MCE+WHS=Nerd Network!

Nerd Stuff Like a real Microsoft-fan/nerd I own an XBOX 360, a (Windows 7) Media Center and a Windows Home Server to satisfy my Multimedia and gaming needs. In this blog post I will tell you about my setup and why I choose the products I mentioned. There is also space for some criticism, because’s Microsoft stuff! Just kidding…I love the products, but I am missing some features. Some of the missing features have something to do with the country I live in.

Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta


A few weeks ago I blogged about the recover process of my MediaSmart Server, too bad the Windows Home Server died several days later. I have to say that I’m very pleased with HP support (for now :-)).

It took me a lot of phone calls, but HP Netherlands has agreed to repair my American MediaSmart Server! This is one of the main reasons I can’t test the new (beta) release of Power Pack 3. But what I read about it is making me very happy! With Power Pack 3 Windows Home Server will have full support for Windows 7 Clients!

I must say that I’m impressed with all the new features which Power Pack 3 will add to (the already super product) Windows Home Server. The only thing that is missing at the moment are the non-English versions, so all the people who do not speak English very well (like my parents…and many others) can also use this (in my opinion) product! 🙂

Windows Home Server Available on TechNET!

A few days ago I read that Windows Home Server was available for download at the MSDN website. Today I talked to Robert Bakker and he told me since a little bit more then a week it’s also available on for everybody with a TechNet Plus Direct Subscribtion. So if you want to install a Windows Home Server, just logon to your TechNet (or MSDN) Subscription and start downloading right away!

Windows Home Server Update

On the Windows Home Server Blog I read the following today : Hi all. Next week on Tuesday, Nov 27 we will release a new update for Windows Home Server software. This is a scheduled update – part of the ongoing process of continually enhancing the customer experience with Windows Home Server. The new functionality will be downloaded via Windows Update and made available to existing Windows Home Server customers.

Windows Home Server First Look Webcasts

Join HP and Microsoft for one of these FREE live webcasts as they unveil and demo the long-awaited MediaSmart Server, based on the wildly popular Windows Home Server software from Microsoft. I know it’s not a product for the professional market, but still…it’s a nice product! Just register, watch and tell me what you think of it. Date <td width="128" vAlign="top"> <strong>Time</strong> </td> <td width="181" vAlign="top"> � </td> <td width="266" vAlign="top"> <strong>Guest Expert</strong> </td> Thursday, November 8th <td width="130" vAlign="top"> 4:00-500PM (PT) </td> <td width="181" vAlign="top"> (<a target="_blank" href="//www.

More Windows Home Server Videos

Last night I was playing around with Windows Home Server and I found out that it’s the perfect solution at my parents home. At their home there are five (!!) pc’s even they’re only with the three of them. My father and my brother both have a pc and a laptop (my mother thinks one pc is enough) and share their documents over the netwerk, but the major problem they right now have is that if they wanna access documents on the pc from their laptop the pc’s should stay on.