IT-Forum : Viridian = Microsoft Hyper-V

<td width="403" vAlign="top"> I’m not at the IT Forum at Barcelona myself, but a lot of my ‘IT colleagues’ are.Some of them are blogging live from IT-Forum. Whenever I see interesting information coming from one of them, I’ll post it at my blog so you all can be part of the news. </td> Today at the keynote of IT forum 2007 Microsoft will announce that the official name of the server virtualization technology within Windows Server 2008 will be Hyper-V.

Windows Server Virtualization 2008 Rapid Deployment Programme (RDP)

� Onderstaand stuk las ik op James O’Neill z’n� blog� : We are getting ready to take nominations for this programme: It’s not an open beta program (it is expected to have only about 40 places) so� most people� will be turned away. There is a second programme called the Momentum programme which provides a lower level of support. If you’re looking to evaluate Virtualization on Windows Server 2008 either programme may be of interest, so please send me a mail.

Binnenkort : 10 Windows Server 2008 & Virtualization WebCasts

Op het Windows Server Division weblog kwam in onderstaande informatie tegen mbt een aantal in mijn ogen zeer interessante webcasts over Windows Server 2008 en Virtualization. The following� webcast series dives into the technology and looks at products in the market that deliver virtual solutions. Register today. **Virtualization and Windows Server 2008 (Level 300) **** On-demand ** In this webcast we provide an overview of the virtualization role, the scenarios, and the features that make server virtualization an important pillar of Windows Server 2008.