GeekNight 11 Video : The Infinite Possibilities of KinectGeekNight 11 Video : De Oneindige Mogelijkheden van Kinect

Last week wasn’t only TechNet_Live week, but on Thursday it was time for the yearly GeekNight! During this evening you can attend some really geeky presentations. The demo-part of one of the most geeky presentations of the evening was for sure the one of Sander Berkouwer and Marien de Gelder (of the Dutch company OGD). Together they have written a cool application with which they can control Windows Server 2008 R2.

XBOX 360 : Zune Video Streaming Test Weekend – FAIL!

<img style="border-bottom: 0px; border-left: 0px; display: inline; border-top: 0px; border-right: 0px" title="image81[1]" border="0" alt="image81[1]" src="//" width="600" height="182" /> Just a few days ago I received an e-mail with the invitation to test drive the upcoming Zune Video Streaming service on XBOX Live! have to pay (even during the testing phase) to test the streaming service, but when you complete a survey you will receive 1200 Microsoft Points (1 movie is about 500 Points).

Video : Windows 7 in Zevenhuizen

During the Windows 7 deployment in Zevenhuizen Microsoft recorded some nice video’s which they published on their action website. Too bad you’re not able to skip the video, so I decided to upload the video to Youtube! If you take a good look you can even see me in the video (I’m the one at the hairdresser with the brown polo-shirt and in the deployment room which you can see later in the video).

Windows 7 Worldwide Launch Party Video’s

The Windows 7 Launch has started. Check out video’s from all the launch events all over the world. Do you have a launch video and uploaded it to youtube? Just leave the link in the commentbox and I’ll post your video here! JAPAN JAPAN

Video : TechNet Live Keynote Steve Ballmer with Slides (Oct 8th)

For all the non-Dutch readers who didn’t receive the Microsoft NL Newsletter : You can watch Steve Ballmer’s Keynote which he held at TechNet Live last week in The Hague at Just click the image below to watch the keynote with slides! Do you want to read more about his keynote (and check out the pictures), just click here.

Back to the Future from Windows 1 to Windows 7

The last few days everybody was talking about Windows 7, a lot of you guys (at forums and blogs) were talking about the old-stuff (Windows XP). For all you guys that think that the old stuff is always better (in the case of an operating system for example), I’ll give you the Back to the Future from Windows 1 to Windows 7 Installation Movies. I’ll start next week with an old one…a really old one.

Bill Gates KeyNote at CES 2008

The 2008 International CES event kicked off Sunday in Las Vegas with a keynote featuring Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment and Devices Division. Gates and Bach presented some of the software, devices and technology that are helping to create connected entertainment experiences for people today. Gates speculated on some of the key technologies that will usher in what he described as the “second digital decade” in the coming years, and also offered a tongue-in-cheek look at what his last day working full-time at Microsoft might look like.

Windows Server 2008 Certification Live Meeting Recording

Trika has published the recording of the Live Meeting I attended last Wednesday. Tomorrow she’ll post a summary and a FAQ from the meeting. In another 10 days the slides will become available for download at the MCP Member site, but you can download them also from this blogpost. View the Windows Server 2008 Certification Live Meeting recording.

IT Forum : Day 5 (and other days) Wrap by the VirtualSide Team

<td width="418" vAlign="top"> Tony & Daniel take a fast track look at the highlights of the last five days. From the Keynote to the content, from Speaker Idol to an interview with José in the kitchen as he prepares the delegate catering! What a fantastic week it has been!</p> <p> On this page you can watch all of the Day Wrap ups!</td> </tr> </table> <p> On the IT-Forum pages you can watch the <a target="_blank" href="//www.