TechNet_Live : The KeynoteTechNet_Live : De Keynote

I’m sorry but since TechNet_Live is a Dutch event, the blogs about TechNet are in Dutch only. Please click Nederlands in the right pane to read the Dutch blog posts.  Helmer Erwin Hartenberg verzorgt vanmorgen de keynote en heet ons van harte welkom op TechNet_Live. Natuurlijk moeten de sponsoren ook even genoemd worden… We gaan het tijdens de keynote vooral hebben over ‘the cloud’. Hij wil hier ‘vanuit een bepaald perspectief’ over praten.

The TechNet_Live 2011 GuideDe TechNet_Live 2011 Gids

I’ll be visiting the Dutch TechNet_Live event tomorrow, which is held in the World Forum, the Hague (the Netherlands). If you’re also attending, you really should check out this TechDays Guide which show’s all the sessions, session times and their locations on a handy A4 format. If you won’t be able to attend the event. I’m going to blog live from the event (where possible), so keep an eye on my blog tomorrow!

Video : TechNet Live Keynote Steve Ballmer with Slides (Oct 8th)

For all the non-Dutch readers who didn’t receive the Microsoft NL Newsletter : You can watch Steve Ballmer’s Keynote which he held at TechNet Live last week in The Hague at Just click the image below to watch the keynote with slides! Do you want to read more about his keynote (and check out the pictures), just click here.

TechNet Live : The Photo’s

I can tell you how great TechNet Live has been, or I could tell you all about the technical sessions….but I won’t. That’s just because there was nothing much new to tell. They only session (I attended) which brought me some new stuff was the session by Paul Thurrott. He had a promotional talk about his new book Windows 7 Secrets. I only can show you pictures of the sessions I attended and if you count right you can see that I skipped one session (the one after the lunch break) because I had a nice talk with the MVP’s at the Ask the Experts booth.

Just click the Read More link to view all the pictures!

TechNet Live : The Microphone Incident

I’m not sure if anybody noticed it during TechNet Live. Steve was wearing two microphones. At first I didn’t noticed it, but when I was sorting the pictures i saw that Steve was the only presenter wearing two mic’s. <td valign="top" width="300"> <img style="border-bottom: 0px; border-left: 0px; display: inline; border-top: 0px; border-right: 0px" title="daniel_onemic" border="0" alt="daniel_onemic" src="//" width="260" height="248" /> </td> Maybe one of the mic’s was connected to the another room so the people that wouldn’t fit in the main theater could also follow his speech?

UPDATE : TechNet Live : The Goodies

UPDATE : Received an e-mail this afternoon with the message that we didn’t receive a Windows Server 2008 R2 DVD yesterday….you can still receive the dvd by mail or download. You can’t leave a nice Microsoft event without some nice goodies. Earlier this month I blogged about the Windows dvd’s we would receive. At the end of today’s TechNet Live event we received the following goodies : an ‘I am the new efficiency’ T-Shirt 1x Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bits and 64-bits DVD (with 1 product key) 1x Windows Server 2008 R2 Trail DVD The e-mail message I received earlier today…

TechNet Live : 10am and no keynote yet…

The calender told me that the event would start at 9:30, but too bad it’s almost 10:00am and we are all waiting in the main theater. The only person on the stage so far is Tony Krijnen checking up his demo systems, but for now no Steve B. or even Michel ‘N’Guettia (who is the ‘ show-starter’ ). I just saw a picture of the theatre been posted by MSMinded, so we’re all there…let the show begin!

Update : Reporting Live from the Dutch TechNet Live Event (Oct. 8th)

� Update : If you still didn’t receive your ticket/badge for the event. I just contacted Microsoft Event Services and they told me that the badges were shipped last Thursday. They are sending out an e-mail with a barcode, so if you didn’t receive your badge yet…just print the e-mail (with barcode) and take it with you to the event! I already told you guys that I will attend the upcoming TechNet Live event in The Hague (The Neterlands), but what I didn’t tell you guys is that I will be blogging Live from the event.

Agenda TechNet Live (8 okt) : Steve Ballmer komt spreken!

Because this news is about a Dutch Microsoft event I will blog in Dutch 🙂 Ondanks dat ik geen computer heb meegenomen op vakantie wordt ik zelfs via SMS op de hoogte gehouden van interessant ict nieuws (Dank je Tony!). Een paar maanden geleden blogde ik al over het feit dat het in oktober eindelijk weer eens tijd zou zijn voor een nieuw TechNet Live evenement in Nederland. De agenda voor dit evenement is vandaag bekend geworden en de Amerikaanse topspreker die aanwezig zal zijn om de dag een van de key-notes te verzorgen is niemand minder dan Steve Ballmer zelf!

HOT : TechNet Live Event – 8 Oktober – Den Haag

Na een aantal jaren van afwezigheid is het in oktober 2009 eindelijk weer tijd voor een echte ouderwets TechNet Live event! Op het moment van schrijven is er nog erg weinig bekend, behalve dat het event plaats vind op 8 oktober 2009 ergens in Den Haag. Zodra er meer informatie bekend is zal ik dat zeker melden, maar dan zal het ook wel via de TechNet nieuwsbrief van Tony en Daniel bekend gemaakt worden verwacht ik.