Microsoft Store

Windows 8.1 is available in the Store

Around 13:00 CET Microsoft has made the Windows 8.1 update available in the Store. I have the Windows 8.0 with Media Center installed, and I can upgrade it to Windows 8.1 with Media Center with just a few clicks. After you clicked the Update Windows tile, you only have to click Download to start the upgrade process. Since the download is about 3.4 GB in size and everybody is downloading it around now, it probably will take a while…

Windows 8.1 is almost there…some Apps already arrived!

Just hours before Microsoft has made the Windows 8.1 update available, the official Facebook App appeared in the Store! If you don’t see the Facebook App, just change your location to United States and click the link again. Curious as I am, I checked for App updates and almost all the ‘default installed’ Apps (and the Netflix, Hulu and Adobe Reader Apps) received an update and are now supporting the new Snap formats.