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When can we expect the results of the 70-688 exam?

UPDATE (January 17th) : The results have arrived! Since it has been a while since I attended the Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 (71-688) exam, I was wondering when the results should become available. I tweeted @PrometricIT_Edu asking them when we could expect the results. Too bad their answer wasn’t the one I expected. The strange thing is that the exam period ran from October 17th – October 31th.

It’s October 19th… where are the results?

Update (Oct. 22nd) :� Spoke to Prometric Netherlands this morning. They told me we should� not� expect the results anywhere� near the first half of November. When I asked how they came up with that information, they told me the beta exam ran until September 24/25. The results will be available� 6-8 weeks after that date. I will contact MS Learning as soon as they are online and available. I spoke to my MS Learning contact later in the evening and she told me (that the results should be updated in the upcoming night).

Two Windows Server 2012 Exams…Twelve Days…

Last Tuesday I� received an e-mail from MS Learning inviting me for both the

71-411 (Administering Windows Server 2012) and the 71-412 (Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services). In the e-mail the period you could attend the beta exam (using the mentioned promotional code) runs from July 19th until July 29th. I did some research and the last three Windows 7 exams (back in 2009) had a ‘bit longer’ period between the first announcement and the last day you could possible attend the exam. The average time between the first announcement an the last day you could attend the exam is (just check the table below) about 1 month!

UPDATE #6 : Where in the world are my SCCM 2012 (71-243) test results? They have arrived!

Somewhere in February 2012 you were able to attend the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 exam (71-243 a.k.a. 70-243). In the normal days we would have to wait for about 6-8 weeks before the exam results would become available……not this time.

The SCCM 2012 exam went live last Thursday, April 12th , but we are still waiting for the results…


Last week I talked to my contacts at MS Learning and the asked me to e-mail them if I didn’t receive the score before last Monday. At the moment the scores are still unavailable, so I send them an e-mail first thing Monday morning.

At the end of the day I received an e-mail from Stephanie and she told me that the score generally will become available within the first two weeks of the exam being live, but usually the scores are usually available within a few days of release of the live exam.

The also promised me to follow up with Prometric to find out when the scores will show on our Prometric Candidate History page.

Just a few minutes ago I received another e-mail (from Lisa this time). She told me that Prometric is investigating the issue at the moment. Whenever there will be new information I will update this blog post.

For now I would like to thanks Microsoft Learning (especially Stephanie and Lisa) for their effort to get us our SCCM 2012 Beta results! Smile

Updated: Prometric let’s us pay a cancellation fee…Geupdate: Prometric laat ons een annuleringsboete betalen….

Updated (July 18th) with a response from Microsoft Learning. Updated (July 19th) with a response from Prometric. Updated (July 20th) after a nice chat with Microsoft Learning It has been a while since I wrote blogpost about Prometric, but today a colleague of mine tweeted (Thanks @KBaggerman� and @IvoVermaesen) about Prometric and at first I thought it was a late April Fools Day joke. When I checked the Prometric website I found out that it was serious : When you change/cancel your exam within __15 days of the exam date you have to pay a cancellation fee.

Prices for MS Certifications Exams Will Increase!Prijzen van MS Certificeringsexamens gaan stijgen!

Important : Microsoft is rising the prices of the Certifications Exams! Effective July 1, 2011, the retail price of Microsoft Certifications will increase worldwide.* This change reflects the significant value that our certifications provide to our customers and our continual investment in new and enhanced Microsoft Certifications and other program improvements. Microsoft recognizes the increased pressures on students and academic institutions during these challenging economic times. Although some of the prices for Microsoft Certification exams for students and academic institutions will increase, the discount will remain significant.

B2L : Virtual Business Cards Have Arrived!

Due to a little bug the launch, which was scheduled for 0:30am (GMT+1), the Virtual Business Cards are finally available! Erwin just told me that the bug which delayed the launch is fixed!’s announced at the B2L blog too!

� [iframe 392 177]

The Virtual Business Cards are LIVE! Just visit to sign in!

Because I just changed the Windows Live ID I used for the MCP Member site, I initially had some logon problems. But after a new LogOff –> LogOn cycle it worked! Check out the steps I took to create a Virtual Business Card by clicking the Read More link below.

B2L : Virtual Business Cards Go Live Later Today

Microsofts Erwin Chan has just announced that later today the Virtual Business Cards will become available to MCTs and Born to Learn readers! What are Virtual Business Cards? Just a little reminder. On August 17, 2009 Erwin blogged about it and he even showed some screenshots of the Card Creator in action. Click here for the whole story (at the MS Born to Learn blog), I’ll only show you the screenshots…

Get On The Bus Visiting Veenendaal – The Pictures

Last monday I visited the GetOnTheBus evening session over at InfoSupport in Veenendaal. Of course I took my camera with me. Below you can see the pictures. Not all of the pictures were taken by me. Some were made by Maarten Goet, but he didn’t have time to upload them….so that’s why he e-mailed me the pictures. Maarten also took a picture at the Zwolle event from earlier on Monday, I also added that picture!

GetOnTheBus : Next Stop Belgium!

If I’m correct the GetOnTheBus Bus is parked at some highway parking spot in the UK (see the image below), near Rotherham to be more precise! Tomorrow the bus will be back on the European mainland to be at some Belgian locations. If you want to track the bus just click the image above. If I’m correct you can see the bus live at the Live Bus Tracker. The Bus tracker is powered by Glympse.