Will Windows 7 be as populair as it’s (beta) exam?

You maybe have read about it, but yesterday (April 27) was the day you could register for the Windows 7, Configuring Beta exam (71-680). Somebody compared the exam with the concert of a famous pop star : All seats booked in an hour! Because the exam was so popular and almost everybody from Europe and America were unable to register, Microsoft chose to open up the registration again and (I quote JSeymour on the Beta Exams blog) ‘I then *quadrupled* the number of beta slots we normally have and you still burned through those in several hours.

Preparing for the Windows 7, Configuring exam (71-680)

If you were able to register for the 71-680 exam, just like me, you probably want to prepare yourself for this newest client exam. Because this is the exam in the line of the Windows XP and Windows Vista exams it will probably will not be that difficult. [ad#post-ad-01] Previous Client Exams You probably already passed the 70-270 (Windows XP) or 70-620 (Windwos Vista). So the 70-680 is just the same, with that difference that it’s about Windows 7 🙂 Just to refresh your memory : What did you need to know to pass the XP and Vista Client exams?

Windows 7 Learning Portal is live!

Tjeerd Veninga (Microsoft) blogged about it on the Born to Learn blog. The Windows 7 Learning Portal is live…so let’s get prepared for the upcoming Windows 7 Exams! Built on the foundation of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Windows 7 is the desktop operating system you need as an IT professional to enhance your organization’s desktop environment. Windows 7 provides greater security and manageability for remote and local PCs, and improves the fundamentals of performance and reliability.

First Windows 7 Learning Snack

Don’t know anything about Windows 7 yet, but you’re eager to learn? You really have to check out the first Windows 7 Learning Snack : Introducing Windows 7. This is a 24 minutes learning video in Silverlight in which you (like the name says) get an introduction to Windows 7! Check it out via this link. Source : The MSL Community and Evangelism Team blog

Be part of the Windows 7 exam development

The Microsoft Learning and Evangelism team has put an announcement on the Born to Learn blog in which they are looking for IT Pro’s who want to help with the development of the MCITP Windows 7 Desktop Administrator exam. A small quote from the blog : Many of you will notice that Desktop Administrator is an entirely new role. We’re excited to add this role to our exam portfolio and believe that it reflects what’s going on in the real world.

MCP Flash Free Stuff

Today I received the monthly MCP Flash Newsletter. At the bottom of the newsletters there are three download links to free downloadable e-books and some Live Meetings (which you can attend for free also): Free e-Books: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions Introducing SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio Free E-Book Offer  Some new Microsoft Learning Live Meetings Certification 101 : Getting Started with Microsoft Certification April 7, 2009, at 7:30 Pacific Time (What time is this in my region?

Microsoft Softgrid Virtual Lab

Op onderstaande TechNET Virtual Lab werd ik vandaag door een Sequence-collega van mij op gewezen. In dit lab leer je hoe je zelf een Softgrid Sequence kunt maken. Overigens heeft Microsoft sinds een paar dagen ook een Softgrid TechNET Afdeling waar je oplossingen op allerhande sequence-problemen kunt vinden. TechNET Virtual Lab : Microsoft Softgrid Virtual Application Advanced Sequencing

Gratis Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Online Training

� Een tijdje geleden tipte ik al over de gratis Windows Server 2008 Online Trainingen, nu is er weer een bijgekomen. Via onderstaande link kun je de online-training ‘Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging’ gratis volgen. Ook voor deze training geldt weer : Ik weet niet hoelang hij gratis blijft, dus schrijf je snel in. Clinic 5091 : Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging