Geek Night 2010

Just like last year also this year there will be a Geek Night (during the Dutch DevDays). So all you Dutch geeks register before you’re too late and visite Geek Night 2010 at March 30th. Location : World Forum, The Hague (Den Haag) Date: **March 30, 2010 ** Time : 18:00 – 22:00 You can register for this event at the DevDays website. For now this is all I can tell you, but as soon there’s any more info about the event this will be the place where you’ll read it!

Geek Night Keynote (Dutch)


For all my international visitors : This video is in Dutch and doesn’t have subtitles! I’m very sorry, but this video isn’t hosted by me so please don’t ask for subtitles.

In this one hour keynote Tony & Daniel will do a non-stop demo about the techniques described in my earlier blog post about the Geek Night. Because the video will start automatically you have to press the Read More link below to ‘open the post’ and watch the video!

Geek Night 2009

After months of preparations yesterday evening it was time for

Geek Night! The event itself was entirely in Dutch, so the text on the pictures might be difficult to read for my international readers 🙂

Anybody going to Geek Night 09 Tonight?

I’m leaving for Geek Night ‘09 in a moment. I’m curious what Tony and Daniel (two Dutch MS IT Pro Evangelists) are going to show us tonight in their Living the connected life keynote! I’m sure it’s gonna be a fun evening. If I understood Sander Berkouwer correctly it’s going to be a tough night…hehe. I brought a photo camera with me, so maybe (if their will be any good pictures!

Geek Night 09

Note : Because the event (GeekNight) is in Dutch, this blogpost will be in Dutch too! Zoals de meeste mensen die mij kennen wel weten en ik erg into gadgets, dus toen ik een een bericht las over de Geek Night (onderdeel van de DevDays) hoefde ik ook niet lang na te denken om hier naar toe te gaan. Dus ben je net als mij een enorme gadget-freak? Kom dan ook naar Geek Night op 28 mei in Dan Haag.