Tagged with TechNET Edge

On TechNet Edge there was a request to do a tag with the Edge logo and this is my first result, hope you like it 😉 If you want to make one yourself, just download the source picture at Tag your world with TechNet Edge thread on the Edge website. On the picture you can see me in the (former) car of my CEO (it’s a Maserati Quattroporte btw). And no I did’n’t crash it ;-).

TechNET Edge : Almost Live!

Today I’ve visited the Edge website again and still it’s not live (yeah…nov 12th it will be, I know), but there was some more info about what the Edge is : The Homepage & The About page : This is a new community for IT Pros and a sister site to Channels 8, 9_,_ _10_ _and_ _Mix Online__. We’re still in the process of taking this site live and won’t be open officially for business until Monday morning.

TechNET Edge : The New TechNET Mystery…

� On several Microsoft blogs they’re talking about TechNET Edge (Bart Wessels, John Weston). At first just the logo you see above was available…but since a few days there is a website located at http://edge.technet.com. What it’s all about? I don’t know, but meraTechport tells us that it will be fully available at November 12th! The website is a bit empty and not all links/buttons/stuff is working the way it (probably) should…