Beta : Windows SteadyState 2.5

Specific Beta Feedback Your customer feedback and support is valuable to the upcoming release of Windows SteadyState 2.5 and we want to ensure that we provide a great experience for you! Email comments and issues to [email protected] or post at our SteadyState Beta Community Site. Continually check the SteadyState Beta Community Site for announcements and topic discussions during our Beta program. We are specifically looking for feedback around: Overall Performance and Stability with Windows Vista Features Windows Disk Protection User Restrictions and Setting with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer 7 Handbook

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 launchday

Today marks the launch of Windows Live OneCare 2.0_, Microsoft’s 2nd revision of its all-in-one home computer management offering, combining anti-virus, firewall, spyware protection and backup software all into the same application._ _So what’s new in this version?� According to a new_ _OneCare 2.0 Reviewer’s Guide__, quite a bit:_ _Security and Protection Technologies_ · Wi-Fi connection security ****(New) · Real-time and scheduled anti-malware scanning · Two-way managed firewall with automatic policy updates

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 Final – Coming Soon

Looks like OneCare 2.0 could be going gold very soon. As well as it showing up on with a retail release date of next week, an email sent to OneCare users tonight suggests that a web release will be even sooner than that. On top of that, the OneCare installation page has been unavailable for several hours tonight, which is always a good sign that a release is right around the corner.

2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide

<td width="397" vAlign="top"> � </td> I read the following on Microsoft IT Pro Evanvgelist Jeff Alexander’s blog : Do you have email systems? Do you use desktop applications like Microsoft Office?� We all do right?� Collaboration tools are an essential part of our working life today.� Unfortunately the bad guys know this as well so they are regularly targeting organizations that use these collaboration tools.

Network Monitor 3 OneClick Capture Tool (beta)

Thanks go to Steven Bink (from for blogging the following : Wish you could get a network capture from a computer with no capture software installed? Wish you could have a network traffic “flight recorder” on a USB key? Here’s your answer!” The motivation behind creating this tool was to provide an extremely simple way to get a trace from an end user. And the name says it all, though maybe a small bit of false advertisement as it may take a bit more than just one click :).

Forefront Multi-Engine Scanning Comparison

Last week I’ve been on a Forefront Training at Microsoft. For the guys/girls that don’t know Forefront : Check out the ForeFront Website or the ForeFront Team Blog, there’s a lot of information available there! One of the good things about Forefront is that it runs several Scan Engines at once so there’s always an engine running that detects the virus/mallware/etc. At the Forefront blog an updated comparison of the Single-AV engines vs.

Forefront Client Security Health Management Pack for MOM 2005 SP1 Available

Today I read the following on the Forefront Client Security weblog : While you’ve always had the ability to use MOM 2005 to monitor things like IIS and SQL for your Client Security servers, this management pack gives you the additional ability to monitor some key FCS services: Definition Import Failure Microsoft Client Security Update Assistant service—That’s the service that allows WSUS 2.0 to be configured to receive updates every hour rather than just once a day.

Security : DHCP Server & MAC address filtering with Server 2008

The DHCP Server Callout DLL helps to filter out DHCP requests based on MAC address. When a device or computer tries to connect to network, it first tries to obtain an IP address from the DHCP Server. The Callout DLL (read: hook-in DLL) also works and should continue to work on Windows Server 2008. The DHCP Server Callout DLL checks if this device MAC address is present in known list (text file) of MAC addresses configured by administrators.

Microsoft Forefront Server Security Management Console

Vandaag heeft Microsoft de Forefront Server Security Management Console ter download beschikbaar gesteld. Met deze Management Console kun je Forefront Security for Exchange, Forefront Security for Sharepoint en Microsoft Antigen eenvoudig beheren door middel van een web-based console. Ook kun je eenvoudig nieuwe signatures verspreiden, scan engines updaten of uitgebreide rapportages genereren. De Forefront Security Management Console geeft beheerders ook de tools om snel te kunnen reageren op virusuitbraken.