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Last updated : May 15th, 2020

The original post was created back in November 2007 en was (only) available in English, but since it also possible to register for a e-mail address I thought I had to update my _Create @Live.* Mailbox_ page!

I’m trying hard to keep this blog post actual, but please leave a comment if there is something that isn’t working the way it should so I can fix it. If you want a regional (, or address, just follow the instructions below. The ‘old’ method� still works for most of the countries, see the list below to register an address directly.

Just follow the next few steps to creat your own etc e-mail address!

  • Visit

  • On the bottom of the page you see your current language (English (United States) in the example below), now left click on the language.

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  • A popup will appear where you can select the appropriate language.

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  • Click on the Save button and the page will reload in the selected language.

  • Now you can select a Outlook.*, Hotmail.* or Live.* of your choice.

Example :

I want to create a e-mail address. I click the link from step 1.

Select Magyar – Hungarian at step 3 and press the save button.

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Now I can register for an Hugarian e-mail address.

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Too bad my Hungarian isn’t that good, but of course you can use Google Translate or Bing Translate to translate the text on the signup page for you.

Just click on one of the links below to register for an Outlook.* or Hotmail.* address right away**:**

CountryDomainRegister at this link .COM.AR address
CANADALIVE.CACreate .CA address

| CHINA | LIVE.CN | Create .CN address

| DENMARK | OUTLOOK.DK | Create .DK address

| FINLAND | HOTMAIL.FI | Create .FI address

| FRANCE | OUTLOOK.FR | Create .FR address

| GERMANY | OUTLOOK.DE | Create .DE address

| HONG KONG | LIVE.HK | Create .HK address

| HUNGARY | OUTLOOK.HU | Create .HU address

| INDIA | OUTLOOK.IN | Create .IN address

| IRELAND | OUTLOOK.IE | Create .IE address

| ISRAEL | OUTLOOK.CO.IL | Create .CO.IL address

| ITALY | OUTLOOK.IT | Create .IT address

| JAPAN | OUTLOOK.JP | Create .JP address

| KOREA | HOTMAIL.KR | Create .KR address

| MALAYSIA | HOTMAIL.MY | Create .MY address

| MEXICO | LIVE.COM.MX | Create .COM.MX address

| NETHERLANDS | LIVE.NL | Create .NL address

| NORWAY | LIVE.NO | Create .NO address

| PHILIPPINES | OUTLOOK.PH | Create .PH address

| PORTUGAL | OUTLOOK.PT | Create .PT address

| RUSSIA | OUTLOOK.RU | Create .RU address

| SAUDI ARABIA | OUTLOOK.SA | Create .SA address

| SINGAPORE | OUTLOOK.SG | Create .SG address

| SOUTH AFRICA | LIVE.CO.ZA | Create .COM.ZA address

| SPAIN | OUTLOOK.ES | Create .ES address

| TAIWAN | LIVEMAIL.TW | Create .TW address

| THAILAND | OUTLOOK.CO.TH | Create .CO.TH address

| TURKEY | OUTLOOK.COM.TR | Create .COM.TR address

| UK | LIVE.CO.UK | Create .CO.UK address

| USA | LIVE.COM | Create .COM address |