Welcome to MSGeek 3.0

Not sure if I will start blogging again, but for some testing purposes I migrated all the old posts from my old (started it back in 2007) Wordpress blog to Hugo ‘The world’s fastest framework for building websites’. If you find some not working images somewhere on the site, please let me know in the comments. You can still find all the old posts located here, if you wan to read all the ‘old stuff’.

DVBLogic is releasing DVBLink 4.0DVBLogic brengt DVBLink 4.0 uit

As you probably know I’m using the DVBLogic software in my home network to watch TV. For a couple of weeks I’m running the beta and later the Release Candidate versions of the new DVLink 4.0 software. Last week DVBLogic already tweeted about the fact that they almost had finished version 4! This morning when I wanted to show their website to a colleague, the website was not available and was showing only : ‘New Exciting stuff is coming.

HelmersBlog : Planned maintenanceHelmersBlog : Gepland onderhoud aan webserver

In the evening of the 14th of September 2011 HelmersBlog will be unavailable for about an hour during 00:30 (CET) and 06:00 (CET) due to scheduled maintenance.   In de nacht van 14 op 15 september zal HelmersBlog tussen 00:30 en 06:00 verminderd bereikbaar zijn. Gedurende deze tijd zal de website in verband met een serververhuizing bij de hosting provider voor ongeveer een uur niet bereikbaar zijn.

Video : PDC 1996 Keynote by Steve JobsVideo : PDC 1996 Keynote met Steve Jobs

Bob Muglia introduces Steve Jobs in this PDC 1996 keynote. Steve Jobs was President of NeXT Corporation and talks about WebObjects as well as taking questions from some of the developers in the audience. Source: Channel 9 Bob Muglia introduceert Steve Jobs bij deze PDC keynote uit 1996. Steve Jobs was indertijd President of NeXT Corporation en praat over WebObjects. Daarnaast beantwoord hij een paar vragen van de ontwikkelaars in het publiek.

Cloud Complete Event

I’m sorry, but the info in this blog post is about an Cloud event in the Netherlands. Therefore the information is only available in Dutch. Op 14 juni 2011 vindt het Cloud Complete event plaats. Cloud Complete is een unieke samenwerking tussen Cisco, Netapp en VMware. Deze samenwerking levert een gedeelde, uniforme architectuur die de basis vormt voor uw Private Cloud en de realisatie van IT as a Service. Het Cloud Complete Event is voor iedereen die wil weten wat de daadwerkelijk impact van Cloud Computing is op de organisatie en hoe dit zich vertaalt in praktische oplossingen en kostenbesparende technologieën.

Welcome in the new yearWelkom in het nieuwe jaar

The last few months of the old year were very busy for me, in a private way, and that’s the reason my blog didn’t get any updates recently. Last week my ‘professional life’ had started again and that’s also the reason I wanted to mention that my blog is still alive and kicking. I’ve already applied for my first Microsoft event of the year : TechNet Live 2011 (in the Netherlands) and when there will be any info I can share with you, I certainly will.

Blog : Upgraded to WordPress 3

The upgrade of my blog to WordPress 3.0 has been finished successfully! So now I can start designing a new ‘look’ for my blog…so in a few weeks the site will have an up to date layout again.

Blog : Added New Version of Microsoft Translator Widget

Since a long time Helmers Blog is using the translation services of Microsoft Translator_._ This service can do an instant translation of a website. Just press select the correct language and press the > button. The new Translator Widget can do more 🙂 Yeah..the new functionalities are still in beta, but I think they really rock. It is possible to let the Translator Widget translate your website automatically. So if the website (which is using the new Microsoft Translator Widget) is in English, but your browser settings are in Dutch, German, French (or one of the other languages) it will automatically translate the website in your own language.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

It’s almost the end of the year…it’s almost time to celebrate and (a few days later) fireworks. The year that my blog had to move to another hoster twice due to a visitor overload! 2009 is also a year for loads of new stuff : I build myself a Nerd Network, the Philips TV which was unable to stream media files and of course the launch of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2010!

Philips 8000 Series became a 9000 Series…for FREE!

A couple of months ago I blogged about the DLNA capabilites of our new Philips 42PFL8404. In this blogpost I will tell you all about the current situation…the title tells it all! A Sound Problem Some time had passed after my latest contact with the Philips Consumer Care and I’m really enjoying my tv (I’m not even missing the media capabilities, hey I still do own a XBOX 360). I think it was the beginning of August 2009 when I updated the firmware of my tv.