Wanna trial a Lumia Smartphone?

Looking for a new phone, and not sure if Windows Phone is the way to go? Microsoft just announced that you can� trial a Lumia� for a period of two weeks. The only thing is that you have tell them� why� you want one….and maybe you can trial one for a period of two weeks. _“You’ve just taken the first step towards joining the world’s coolest community of smartphone creatives, explorers and go-getters!

Dear Ziggo, When can we expect the Xbox and Windows (Phone) Apps?

I’m a big fan of Microsoft devices and all the phones, tablets, laptops and even our game console is made by the American software company. Back in 2012 my TV provider announced it would release a Xbox 360 App. The 2012 press release is still available on the Ziggo Corporate website on October 24, 2014. Since I love new stuff on my console (and Windows devices), I was getting really exited!

iPhone 6 versus Lumia 930

The last few weeks I spoke to several persons who wanted to renew their smartphone. Most of them could only think of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. Since I’m a Microsoft Geek, I always asked them why they wouldn’t go for a Windows Phone. The only reason they could come up with was that the Windows Phone didn’t have all the nice Apps that were available on Android and iOS.

How-to force the Xbox One February Dashboard update

Earlier today Major Nelson has released the February 2014 Dashboard update for the Xbox One. The update will arrive on a Xbox One near you in the next couple of days. If you don’t want to wait…there is a way to force the installation. Just follow the instructions below: Enable the ‘Xbox Instant On’ mode (read here) Turn off your Xbox (by pressing the Xbox logo on your console, or the Xbox button on your controller) Wait 5-15 minutes The Xbox logo (on your console) starts to blink for 10-15 seconds (see the video below) The Xbox turns itself off Turn your Xbox on by pressing the Xbox logon on your console, or the Xbox button on your controller) A black screen with a green bar appears and the update is installing (takes a few minutes).

The Surface Pro…finally available in 20+ countries

The Surface Pro is available in several countries at the moment, in a couple of days it also will be available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In some of the countries it’s already available at the time of this blog. In the Netherlands Microsoft has already opened it’s Windows Brand Store again, from May 30th you can come in and check the Surface Pro.

Surface RT available in the Netherlands, Surface Pro..coming soon?

Since today the Surface RT is available in the following countries : Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands! Since I’m from the Netherlands (altough I already own a Surface RT) I was wondering in which retail stores (besides the Microsoft online store) it would become available. Bas Paumen (Business Group Lead Windows at Microsoft NL) told me that it will also be on sale at the Mediamarkt, Saturn, Dixons and MyCom.

For Sale : Windows Home Server 2011Te Koop : Windows Home Server 2011

Today I received the latest We Got Served news letter and again it was mentioning the discount you get when you buy Windows Home Server 2011 at the moment. Last week I received a comment with a question if I would be able to help creating a Digital TV Server with the help of Windows Home Server 2011. This was when I discovered that Windows Home Server 2011 is also on sale in the Netherlands at several webshops!

How-to : Digital TV always and everywhere available 1/2How-to : Digitale TV altijd en overal beschikbaar 1/2

In my previous blog post I already mentioned that I’m looking for a ‘modern’ way of watching TV. To achieve this I went looking for a solution to watch (live) TV via my HTPC, but also via our tablet and smartphone. There are� undoubtedly more ways to accomplish this, but I choose for DVBLogic’s solution. Why? Their solution is the best fit for my needs. In this blog post I will present which hard- and softrware you need and which steps you need to take take the proper preparations before you can use my ‘how-to’.

My Connected LifeMy Connected Life

Nowadays, everyone is always and everywhere ‘ connected ‘.� Most people I know have a smarphone, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You have different gradations of � ‘connected’, but I can safely say that I belong to a group that is� “connected in the extreme” .� I prefer the� ability� to be connected 24 × 7 to follow the latest news, always be in touch with family and friends.� Nowadays this is, with all techniques, not a problem anymore.