The April Intune Update

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The Microsoft Intune team is always working on new features and service enhancements. This month they are introducing some new features that allow you to manage apps and devices with a higher level of control:

  • Block contact sync from Outlook app to device (for iOS): New Mobile Application Management (MAM) controls allow you to prevent a user from syncing Outlook contacts to the native address book on iOS devices, and provide you with the ability to remove contacts that have already been saved to the native address book when you perform a selective wipe of the device.
  • Conditional Access support for Skype for Business Online: New conditional access policies allow you to restrict access to Skype for Business Online to only managed and compliant iOS and Android devices.
  • Manage Windows Defender on Windows 10 PCs: The Windows 10 general configuration policy now includes settings to manage Windows Defender on enrolled Windows 10 PCs.

Source : The Microsoft Intune Blog