Moving MDM from Intune to Office 365 *update*

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For years I’ve been a Office 365 user and earlier this year and every few months (of sometimes weeks Knipogende emoticon) new features arrive in the Office 365 Management Portal. Since a couple of months it’s possible to do some (basic) MDM stuff with Office 365.

Since I’m a big fan of Microsoft Intune I prefer to use Intune to do my Mobile Device Management, but sometimes the MDM capabilities will do. In my demo environment I was using Intune, but if I want to switch my MDM Authority to Office 365 there is (at this moment) no automated way to do this.



To change the MDM Authority you have to contact Intune Support (thanks to Henk Hoogendoorn for the tip) to let them flip the switch for you. The procedure is quiet easy, just follow the steps on the Intune Support website.

  • First you have to select the correct problem type (Service Administration), after which you can select the category Reset mobile device authority. When you click the Start Request button just follow the wizard to create the change.


  • A few moments after you submitted the incident you will receive a confirmation email (check the email address you enter during the process).[


  • Next up is an email with some questions you should answer. The support engineer would like you to confirm your tenant ID, asks you to retire all devices and remove some stuff from the Intune Admin Console.


  • After I send the confirmation and answering the asked questions a few hours later I received another email stating that the request have been submitted to the engineers. It also warns me not to configure my Intune subscription during the process. Doing this prematurely may cause corruption and/or impact your ability to use Intune.
    • This step can take up to 5 days, but typically occur within 1 business day.

    The following was added on August 13th:

  • On August 11th I received a reminder that the Intune Support team is still working on resetting the MDM authority for me….and finally two days later I received a phone call from the Microsoft US telling me that the MDM authority had been reset. A few hours later I also received the confirmation through email….

    • So when __I checked my Office 365 Portal again, I was indeed able to enable Office 365 as may MDM Authority! Yeah!

In the end the entire process took about 7 business days.