Download the Windows 10 Administrative Templates

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Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Administrative templates. For the most part you already have them, if you have Windows 10 installed, but now you can install them even if you don’t yet have installed Windows 10 itself.


After you have them installed, you can copy them to your GPO Central Store. Besides the ones already available in Windows 10, there are some new ones in the installer below :


  • Deliveryoptimization.admx
  • Fileserverssagent.admx
    • Gamedvr.admx
      • Grouppolicy-server.admx
        • Grouppolicypreferences.admx
          • Mmcsnapins1.admx
            • Terminalserver-server.admx
              • Textinput.admx
                • Userdatabackup.admx
                  • Windowsserver.admx
                  Click here to download the Windows 10 Administrative Templates