Windows 10, Xbox Gaming, Surface Hub and HoloLens!

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Today Microsoft has shown the latest build of Windows 10 during their ‘Windows 10 – the next chapter’ event which was held at the Microsoft HQ in Seattle.

Windows 10

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 customers. Only for the customers who upgrade their current version in the first year after launch. From that time Microsoft will keep that device, during it’s lifetime, up to date with new updates and features.

In the next 7 minutes during video Joe Belfiore shows some of the new features.


The lastest Technical Preview build of Windows 10 will become available somewhere in the next few days for members of the Windows Insider program. A Windows 10 Technical Preview build for Phones is scheduled for next month (February ’15).

Xbox One

Since Windows 10 will also become available on the Xbox One, it’s cool to see that Windows 10 Apps can also become available for the game console! If the wife wants to watch TV, you can simple stream your Xbox One game to your favorite Windows 10 pc or tablet and play your Xbox One game on that device, using your Xbox One game controller.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Windows 10 will also brings some nice stuff for business users….and meetings. Microsoft also announced a new device : the Surface Hub. It’s a 84″ big TV like device with a touch screen and camera’s, which can be used for presentations, conference calls, etc.

Microsoft HoloLens

One of the most futuristic things I have ever seen is the latest piece of hardware Microsoft announced, the HoloLens. With this pair of glasses it’s possible to project holograms in your living room. Check out the last video…


Microsoft has really announced some nice new stuff. When the new Technical Preview build arrives, I will check it out and write some more blogs about it…..and the same goes for the Windows 10 build for phones….I really can’t wait to install both versions!