New version of Microsoft Intune arrives this week!

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Last week I already wrote a short blog about an issue I ran into, but today everything became clear. They were probably doing some last testing of the new Microsoft Intune portal, because earlier today Microsoft has announced it will release a service update (read: new Microsoft Intune version) between today (November 17th) and Wednesday (November 19th) that will bring us some cool new stuff to Intune (cloud only!).

This are the new features:

  • Enhanced user interface for Intune administration console
    • Ability to restrict access to Exchange on-premises email based upon device enrollment
      • Bulk enrollment of devices using a single service account
        • Lockdown of Supervised iOS devices and devices using Samsung KNOX with Kiosk mode
          • Targeting of policies and apps by device groups
            • Ability to report on and allow or block a specific set of applications
              • Enforcement of application install or uninstall
                • Deployment of certificates, email, VPN and WiFi profiles
                  • Ability to push free store apps to iOS devices
                    • More convenient access to internal corporate resources using per-app VPN configurations for iOS devices
                      • Remote pin reset for Windows Phone 8.1 devices
                        • Multi-factor authentication at enrollment for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices
                          • Ability to restrict administrator access to a specific set of user and device groups

                            • Updated Company Portal apps to support customizable terms and conditions
                            Also, as part of this service update, you’ll notice that all references to Windows Intune have been updated to Microsoft Intune. This name more accurately represents Intune’s cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities across iOS and Android platforms, as well as Windows.

                          Since Intune if, off course, Cloud based….they can’t update everything at once. You can check on which service instance your Intune subscription is running by opening the Intune Administration Console and click on the Administration tab (on the bottom left) and press the View Service Status link.


                          A new page will open and at the top of that page you can see on which service instance your subscription is running.


                          My subscription is running at North America 05, so I’m in the first Scheduled Maintenance time slot.

                          Source : Intune Blog