New Windows 10 build brings Notifications and Battery Saver

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Today Microsoft has released a new build of their latest client operating system : Build 9860 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The new build will be installed automatically via Windows Updates, but if you can’t wait you have to press the Check now button at the Update and recovery section in the PC Settings. After that you can simply press the Download now button and Windows 10 will download the latest build from Microsoft.

When the download has finished you can install it by pressing Install now. The latest build will now be installed automatically and your pc will reboot several times during the process.


install new windows 10 build


New stuff

When the installation has finished I started looking for new stuff. I already heard about the Notification Center, but there is more….

  • Notification Center
  • Battery Saver
  • DataSense
  • Backup App Data
  • Check for Preview Builds Fast or Slow
  • New Network Settings
  • New Animation when maximize or minimize a window

Here are the screenshots ….

Notification Center2

PC Settings - Battery Saver

PC Settings - DataSense

PC Settings - Backup App Data

PC Settings - Preview Builds - Slow Fast6

PC Settings - Network - Manage


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