Dear Ziggo, When can we expect the Xbox and Windows (Phone) Apps?

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I’m a big fan of Microsoft devices and all the phones, tablets, laptops and even our game console is made by the American software company. Back in 2012 my TV provider announced it would release a Xbox 360 App. The 2012 press release is still available on the Ziggo Corporate website on October 24, 2014.

Since I love new stuff on my console (and Windows devices), I was getting really exited!


On February 26, 2013 I asked Ziggo via their Facebook page if there was any news yet. At that moment I couldn’t imagine that the app would never arrive, at least not in the next two years!

For all the English speaking readers, you can read the original text at their Facebook page (and maybe translate it there?). For all the Dutch speaking readers, just read on.

201302 - Vraag aan Ziggo2

201302-2 - Vraag aan Ziggo

201302-3 - Vraag aan Ziggo

So, initially Ziggo promised to deliver their Xbox 360 App ‘The app will be available somewhere in 2013’ (Quote “De App komt in de loop van 2013 beschikbaar”). On December 27th Ziggo mentioned that they don’t even know when the app will be available.

201302-4 - Vraag aan Ziggo

At the end of July 2014 Ziggo mentioned the development of a new App on Twitter : A Windows Phone App. Ehh….what about the Xbox app they were developing 1 1/2 year ago….? They just ignore everything about the Xbox App….

201302-5 - Vraag aan Ziggo6

201302-6 - Vraag aan Ziggo

201302-7 - Vraag aan Ziggo

The don’t just only ignore the whole Xbox/Windows Phone App discussion….they start talking about issues with the iPhone app…..

201302-8 - Vraag aan Ziggo

201302-9 - Vraag aan Ziggo

In a few weeks it has been two years since the first announcement about a Xbox app and until now nothing happened. I do have a few ‘sources’ at Ziggo, and they all told me the same : Ziggo was bought by UPC and somewhere in 2015 they will come with new services (and maybe also some apps?). What I don’t understand is why is so difficult for Ziggo to communicate what the issues are and why we don’t have the promised apps almost two years later….

Please share this blogpost via the social media and maybe Ziggo will notice it and comes out with proper response….