Create Your Own Xbox One Background

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Last week Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced the availability of the XBox One November System Update for Preview Members. One of the #1 requested features by fans was the ability to create custom backgrounds for your Xbox One. This will be made possible with the November System Update, which will be release to the general public somewhere next month.

Custom Xbox One Background

The preview members call already create and configure custom backgrounds for their Xbox One. This is how:

  • Connect a USB to console / Connect a source through DLNA
  • Launch Media Player (either directly or through Settings>My Xbox > My background > Custom image)
  • Navigate to source of your choosing (USB/DLNA)
  • Navigate to folder/file of your choosing
  • Select the jpg/png image – see it full screen.
  • Once you are viewing the image full screen, hit the menu button.
  • Select “Set as background”
  • You will be sent back to the full screen view of the image. Hit nexus, see the image on Home.

To help select or create an image that will work best for the background, the Xbox Design Team created handy Photoshop template so you can see what parts of your pic will be blocked by the tiles.

Download the template here (, it requires Adobe Photoshop to open.

Source : Major Nelson