When can we expect the results of the 70-688 exam?

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UPDATE (January 17th) : The results have arrived!

Since it has been a while since I attended the Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 (71-688) exam, I was wondering when the results should become available. I tweeted @PrometricIT_Edu asking them when we could expect the results.


Too bad their answer wasn’t the one I expected. The strange thing is that the exam period ran from October 17th – October 31th. 71-688 exam periodIf I add 8 weeks to the last date we could expect the results before (or around) December 26th. Prometric is talking about the end of Janury 2013, so that’s a month later results normally become available. When I check the exam details page at Microsoft.com, the exam will be published on January 18th, 2013. So when can we really expect the results? I’m not sure, but I will certainly ask my MS Learning contacts for a reaction. When I have the response, I will update this blog post.