How-to Refresh your Windows 8 PC

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Windows 8 doesn’t only bring the

Windows 8 Interface (formerly known as Metro), but also a couple of nice new features. One of the new features is called_� “Refresh your pc”._

When you refresh your pc, the following happens:

  • Your files and and personal settings stay unchanged
  • The computer settings will be reset to their defaults
  • Apps which were installed from the Windows Store won’t be removed
  • Installed Desktop applications (which were installed manually) will be removed
  • A list of removed applications will be saved on the desktop.

It can be quiet a job to reinstall all applications after a Refresh action. With the command RecIMG an new base image can be created very easily. If you choose to refresh your pc again, all applications which were installed before the new base image is created will not be removed.

Just follow the next few steps to create a new base image:

  • Step 1: Install your pc with all applications which should be available in the base image

  • Step 2: start an administrative command prompt and create a folder where the image can be saved.

    (C:RefreshImage in the example below)

    Click for a larger image

  • Step 3: Create a new base image: ‘RecImg /CreateImage C:RefreshImage’

    The image will be created, this can take a while.

    RecImg /CreateImage C:RefreshImage

  • Step 4: Check if the image created is also the active base image : ‘RecImg /showcurrent’

    RecImg /showcurrent

The base image is ready and can be used.

Use the Base Image

To refresh your pc, just follow the next steps:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows-key and enter ‘Refresh’. Select ‘Refresh your PC’

    Click to view a larger image2_**Note :**� Only Administrators can refresh the pc!


  • Step 2: Click Next in the wizard Refresh your PC

    Click for a larger image

  • Step 3: Click on _Refresh

    Click for a larger image


  • Step 4 : The PC will be restarted to be refreshed, this process can take several minutes. After a few minutes the PC will be refreshed and all applications which were available when creating the base image are still available.

    Click for a larger image

  • Step 5: If necessary the task bar (or desktop) icons have to be recreated.

    Click for a larger image6


To recovery your pc, it’s not necessary to create a backup or reinstall your entire pc. Just create a refresh image and save a lot of time!

Please leave a comment if you have questions.