Being an early adopter with Office 2013

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Last week I ‘upgraded’ the preview version of Office Professional Plus 2013 to the the RTM version. Because Dutch is my native Language I also installed the Dutch Proofing tools when Word detected I was typing in Dutch.

Today I tried to install Visio Professional 2013, but I ran into an error.


A strange error off course, because I was running the RTM version of Office Professional Plus 2013. What I did not know when I installed Office 2013, the version of the Dutch Proofingtools was still the Preview version.When I checked Programs and Features for the piece of software causing the issue, I discovered that the version of the Proofing Tools I had installed was indeed the Preview version!.

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When I removed the Preview version, I was able to install Visio Professional 2013 without a problem!


When I restarted my Word 2013 session, the Dutch Proofing Tools were missing, so Word came with a nice notification offering me to download the Proofing Tools again, so I did.

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This time the RTM version was downloaded, so when I try to install a different Office 2013 product I don’t have to remove the Proofing Tools before installation.

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Being an early adopter sometimes has it’s downsides Smile