Windows 8 gestures won’t work with Microsoft Touch Mouse

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Today Microsoft release version 2.0 of their

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. I upgraded the Mouse and Keyboard center from v1.1 to v2.0, but I ran into a strange issue. Because of the non-working Windows 8 gestures with version 1.1 of the software I decided to disabled the two and three finger gestures.


After I upgraded the software to v2.0, the two and three finger gestures still didn’t work. Although the gestures were enabled.

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Switching between Disable this gesture and enabling it again didn’t quiet work, so I dediced to remote v2.0 of the software and reinstall v1.1 (I’m glad I still had the ‘old’ version available).

When I checked the settings in v1.1 the gestures were disabled, I enabled them and removed the software again.


After I reinstalled v2.0 of the Mouse and Keyboard Center the Windows 8 gestures were completely working!


If you also have issues with the Windows 8 gestures when upgrading to v2.0? Reinstall v1.1 and check the settings, you probably disabled some of the gestures.

If you’re looking for the Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center v1.1, just click here for the 64-bit version, or here for the 32-bit version.