UPDATE #6 : Where in the world are my SCCM 2012 (71-243) test results? They have arrived!

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Somewhere in February 2012 you were able to attend the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 exam (71-243 a.k.a. 70-243). In the normal days we would have to wait for about 6-8 weeks before the exam results would become available……not this time.

The SCCM 2012 exam went live last Thursday, April 12th , but we are still waiting for the results…


Last week I talked to my contacts at MS Learning and the asked me to e-mail them if I didn’t receive the score before last Monday. At the moment the scores are still unavailable, so I send them an e-mail first thing Monday morning.

At the end of the day I received an e-mail from Stephanie and she told me that the score generally will become available within the first two weeks of the exam being live, but usually the scores are usually available within a few days of release of the live exam.

The also promised me to follow up with Prometric to find out when the scores will show on our Prometric Candidate History page.

Just a few minutes ago I received another e-mail (from Lisa this time). She told me that Prometric is investigating the issue at the moment. Whenever there will be new information I will update this blog post.

For now I would like to thanks Microsoft Learning (especially Stephanie and Lisa) for their effort to get us our SCCM 2012 Beta results! Smile

UPDATE (April 19th 17:19 CET) Just spoke to Stephanie and they told me they would have a conference call with Prometric in about an hour or so, so maybe there will be some (good) news in a couple of hours! 🙂

UPDATE (April 24th 23:25 CET) Just received an update from Lisa…she spoke to Prometric earlier today, but they still can’t tell when to deliver the scores…. 🙁

UPDATE (April 30th 19:00 CET) Just spoke to Lisa and she received an update from Prometric and I quote “expecting the restore to be completed by Wednesday, May 2nd. The rescore should be completed within 1 business day.”. So if Prometric is right (and hey..when aren’t they :-)) the scores should be available this Thursday! Finally….only 21 days late…

UPDATE (May 3rd 22:55 CET) Just had a short chat with Lisa again and Prometric still didn’t fix the issue, but they identified the issue and it should be fixed tomorrow at the end of the working day…..pfff….Prometric should really think of loosing the PRO, from now on we should just call them Metric….PLEASE Microsoft can you please go back to VUE….where this would never have happened.

UPDATE (May 5th 2:00 CET) I e-mailed Lisa and Stephanie to ask why the results are still not published. I also asked what the problem was and why Prometric (and Microsoft) didn’t e-mailed the attendees about the enormous delay. This would be the least the should do in my opinion. I hope they will answer the e-mail and Prometric will publish the results very soon.

UPDATE (May 7th 21:45 CET) In the comments are the first signs showing of results appearing on Prometric.com….I still don’t see anything other then Tested for now…I will keep you posted as soon I see any changes…

UPDATE (May 9th 13:54 CET) It seems that a lot of peers still don’t have their SCCM 2012 Beta scores yet. Prometric blames Microsoft and Microsoft blames� Prometric. Personally I think it’s Prometric’s problem. Sometimes they tell the 71-243 is still in beta…sometimes they tell the scores are lost and even sometimes they just point to Microsoft. Later today when MS Learning is online again, I will try to contact Lisa and ask her what ‘we’ should do….for now I would like you to vote in the Poll, so it gets clear what % of the visitors still don’t have their results.

UPDATE (May 10th, 14:50 CET) It looks that the results finally arrived for some of us who were still waiting….congrats to all of you (if you passed).