Windows 8 : Forefront Endpoint Protection will not install…Windows 8 : Forefront Endpoint Protection wil niet installeren…

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Even with Windows 8 you will need a

antivirus program to protect you agains the threats from the internet.

Since I’m a big fan of Forefront Endpoint Protection and I’m running the latest (beta) version (available for free at on my other machines at home, I also want to run it on my Windows 8 Developer Preview machine.

**Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012

** When I unpacked it and tried to install the client (.FEP2012 Eval EN-US-amd64clientfepinstall.exe) I ran into the following error.


You can see that FEP 2012 has a compatibility issue with Windows 8 DP and if you click Get help online, you will see that there is help available at the moment.

Too bad FEP 2012 won’t install, so when you click on the Run the program without getting help you’ll another error (0x8004FF04) and you only will be able to exit the setup.


So sadly enough FEP 2012 won’t run….

Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010

Second in line is FEP 2010. What I expected happened. The FEP 2010 also has a compatibility issue with Windows 8 DP. So for know I would advise (if you want to run a Microsoft anvirus solution) to install Security Essentials!

Microsoft Security Essentials

The next in line is Microsoft Security Essentials, the ‘consumer-version’ of Forefront Endpoint Protection. Did the installation of FEP 2012 even fail at the launch of the setup, the installation of Security Essentials started without any problems. After I pressed the Install (see screenshot) button, Security Essentials installed without any problems.