Finally Minority Report in the living room

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UPDATE : (22/11) Added a new video…

Don’t know about you, but when I saw the movie Minority Report I immediately wanted this in my living room. Since about a week I’m the proud owner of a Kinect ‘controller’ for my XBOX 360. It works really nice in combination with my XBOX 360, but what I was hoping for is going to be reality real soon! Controlling Windows with your hands, just like in the movies.

Check out the video below which demonstrates controlling Windows 7 with Kinect!  The German company Evoluce has developed some drivers which makes this possible. On Wolfgang Herfurtner’s blog you can also find some interesting info about Kinect and Windows 7.


Control Windows 7 with Kinect


Today Wolfgang uploaded a new video in which he demonstrates the control of Windows Media Center and some other cool stuff!