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The last few months I’ve been working on several project where deploying the Windows Desktop was a task I was responsible for. Of course there are several (Microsoft) solutions to deploy desktops, but the combination of Windows Deployment Services in combination with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is by far my favorite!

Some of my colleagues only use System Center Configuration Manager when they talk about deployment, but the WDS+MDT combination is free of charge (oke, you have to pay for the Windows license, but you can install WDS as a feature and MDT is free) and for the non-enterprise environments I think it’s a really Good Deployment Solution (GSD)!

Like every IT Pro I like to investigate new solutions and try new products. Because I would like have a flexible environment, I started to use MDT 2010 to deploy my test environments.

In the following blog posts I would like to show you how easy it is to create your own deployment environment and how you can deploy desktops and servers (incl. AD, DNS, etc.). I will also show you how you can capture an installed machine to a WIM image and also deploy that image.

At the moment I’m not sure how many blog posts I will create, but if you want me to explain a certain part of MDT please leave a comment below! Part one will be online somewhere next week and in that post I’ll explain how you can configure your machine so you will be able to deploy a Windows 7 Desktop.

ps. I won’t explain how you have to install Windows Server 2008 R2, the WDS role or MDT 2010 itself. So please visit microsoft.com/deployment if you want to install MDT 2010.