Blog : Added New Version of Microsoft Translator Widget

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Since a long time Helmers Blog is using the translation services of Microsoft Translator_._ This service can do an instant translation of a website. Just press select the correct language and press the > button.

The new Translator Widget can do more ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah..the new functionalities are still in beta, but I think they really rock. It is possible to let the Translator Widget translate your website automatically. So if the website (which is using the new Microsoft Translator Widget) is in English, but your browser settings are in Dutch, German, French (or one of the other languages) it will automatically translate the website in your own language.

Another new feature (invite only at the moment) is the Collaborative Translations. This feature allows you to create a better translation of selected text. See the image below for an example.


Because the new Translator Widget is still in beta, some features wonโ€™t work entirely the way the should. If you see anything that isnโ€™t working the way it should, you can report it at the Microsoft Translator Forums.