UPDATE : MCP: The 71-693 is available…what’s with the beta code?

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NOTE : If you are unable to register for the exam, please also leave a comment at this MS Learning Blog Post so they will know who as unable to register 🙂

Update (11:00am CET) : Unable to register for this exam in the following countries : Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. Probably some other European countries you’re unable to register for this exam right now.

UPDATE 2 (13:06 CET) : (thanks to <strong>Bas Steeloper</strong>) Prometric can’t take any action before 14:00 CET (that’s when the Prometric HQ will be available), but it will probably take until 20:00 CET before registration can take place for the European countries named above.

UPDATE 3 : The Beta code is working!!! Be quick and register for the 71-693 before it’s too late!

At 12:00am (EST) the 71-693 became available for registration. And also this time there will be a limited number of seats. With the last exam (71-659) it took about 8 hours before all the seats were filled. What do you think, will this exam be filled quicker?


Too bad this time the exam code for the exam isn’t working in Europe, or at least in the Netherlands! Last few times there have been some issues that had something to do with some dudes leaking the promotional codes on the internet. I asked some friends over at MS Learning, but the told me there is only one beta code available, so it should work.
The strange thing is…over at Canada there was at least somebody who was able to register for the exam, with the appropriate beta code, but in Europe nobody succeeded!