B2L : Virtual Business Cards Have Arrived!

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Due to a little bug the launch, which was scheduled for 0:30am (GMT+1), the Virtual Business Cards are finally available! Erwin just told me that the bug which delayed the launch is fixed! Yeah..it’s announced at the B2L blog too!

� [iframe https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com/VBCServer/helmer/interactivecard 392 177]

The Virtual Business Cards are LIVE! Just visit http://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com to sign in!

Because I just changed the Windows Live ID I used for the MCP Member site, I initially had some logon problems. But after a new LogOff –> LogOn cycle it worked! Check out the steps I took to create a Virtual Business Card by clicking the Read More link below.

Go to http://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com and logon with your (MCP) Windows Live ID. Click Begin Here to start creating your own Virtual_Business_Cards!

Fill out the form and click _Register_

As you can see I haven’t created a VBC yet. So let’s click Create to create the first one!� Just after clicking the Create button a screen similar to the screen you see above will appear! Now you can start creating your own Virtual Business Card!

You have to enter all kind of info. You can even load your MCP Transcript. But when I pressed the Load Transcript button something strange happened… When I arrived to one of the last steps….loading my transcript I received the following error…

Update : the bug above is fixed, had something to do with the number of people trying the new service.

When I clicked Next on the page…..it saved my Virtual Business Card, but it ERASED all my personal info. Just forwarded the info to Erwin….this was the error they though had been fixed!

I just entered the info again and pressed the Save button at the end

When I press Save & Publish the creation is finished! Check out the card I just created…just click here