Philips 8000 Series became a 9000 Series…for FREE!

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A couple of months ago I

blogged about the DLNA capabilites of our new Philips 42PFL8404. In this blogpost I will tell you all about the current situation…the title tells it all!

A Sound Problem

Some time had passed after my latest contact with the Philips Consumer Care and I’m really enjoying my tv (I’m not even missing the media capabilities, hey I still do own a XBOX 360). I think it was the beginning of August 2009 when I updated the firmware of my tv. We discovered the problem when we watched a episode of our favorite tv show. At the end of the episode we wanted to start another episode (same video and audio format!), but this time there was no sound!! Yeah..that’s correct…no SOUND! Hmm..maybe a different audio format, a non supported one? I started the previous episode again (the one we just watched)…NO SOUND!!

A Work Around

By accident I power cycled the tv and as it was meant to be…we had sound again! The next time we had the no-sound-problem I power cycled the tv immediately to make sure this was the solution for the problem…and it was. I never had this problem with the previous firmware versions (there is a new one almost every month), so the problem had to be software related. Or at least it had to be a problem with the tv!

Philips Consumer Care

At first I didn’t bothered, but when it happened more often I decided to contact Philips Consumer Care to report the problem. They told me that they had never heard of the problem, but they should contact their repair center and ask them to contact me. The next day the repair center called and I explained the problem to them. They told me that they also never heard of the problem and they would look into it. At the end of the next week we went on holiday for a week. When we got back there still was no info about our sound-problem.

Philips Repair Center

I waited for another week, but still no call from the repair center. When I contacted them they told me that they reported my problem to Philips more then 3 weeks ago, but they didn’t got an answer from them. They told me that they would contact Philips to ask if there was already a solution for the problem.

After another week (more then a month after I reported the problem) I decided to contact the repair center again, because they didn’t contacted me yet. When I asked why it had to take such a long time the repair center man told me that he still didn’t had an answer from Philips. He told me that it could take a substantial amount of time before he should hear anything from Philips. I decided to contact the Philips Consumer Care again, they can’t be serious about this….reporting an sound issue and let the customer wait for more then 4 weeks before they have a solution (and after the 4 weeks still don’t having a clue how long it will take before they could solve the problem).

Philips Consumer Care Part 2

I contacted Philips again and explained the situation. I also mentioned my earlier problem and that I, at this moment, wouldn’t recommend a Philips product to anybody asking me what brand they should buy. To make sure they understood my frustration I mentioned that I had Philips tv’s all my life, but this would be my last…

To make the ‘problem’ even worse I explained that Philips tv’s should be ‘Ziggo CI+ certified’ (in the Netherlands), but that Ziggo didn’t support the Philips tv’s at the moment. Can you imagine buy a tv it has a sticker on the box saying ‘Ziggo CI+ Certified’ and when you use the CI+ (DVB-C) module, you can’t receive any tv channel.…

The person in question explained that she would look into my problem and that she would contact me in a few days. Of course (I’m used to it) the person didn’t contacted me….

The Solution

The solution to all of my problems (hmm..not the media-play-dlna-problem but..hey I almost forgot I even had that problem) came a week later. The Philiips Repair Center contacted me with the question when they could switch our tv with another model. THAT was not the solution I expected, but the guy from the Repair Center told me that he could offer us a model from the 9000 series. To be more precise : Philips told him that he could switch our 42PFL8404 for a **42PFL9664…**and no, we didn’t even have to pay the difference (at the moment the difference in price is almost 500 euro’s!).

The Repair Center guy told us that we could take our time to think it over, so when I came home that evening we did some research. At the end we decided that we would agree with the switch….so a little two weeks later we had a new tv for the price of the old one! And both the sound-problem and the CI+ issue we had with the 8404 don’t exist with the new 9664!


Because of the long period of contact with the Philips Consumer Care and the several issues we had I think at the end Philips really offered us a nice solution! So, there is only one thing I can say about Philips and the way they solve the problems……just keep contacting the Philips Consumer Care department and let them know (on a nice way, always stay polite..I always stay really works!) if your issues aren’t solved they way you expect. At the end Philips knows how to solve the issues consumers have (at least they solved my issues on a really nice way)!

So..when you want to buy a new tv : BUY A PHILIPS! Their support and consumer care are perfect!! hehe