The Story behind Windows7Huizen (Zevenhuizen)

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From today Windows 7 is available in your local computer store (or webshop) or with a new pc. Because Microsoft had a different approach with the development of Windows 7, it’s introduction should also be one of a different kind. This is the story of Windows7Huizen (or in English : Windows7Houses)…

The New Efficiency
With Windows 7 Microsoft brings an operating system to the market which has been tested thoroughly. The development of Windows 7 is for a part based on the feedback and test data of a very varied group of people.

The give you an idea, more then 16.000 online interviews were held to develop the right functionality and, of course, to test it. More then 2600 customers helped Microsoft to research the correct userability of Windows 7. Worldwide over 8 million (!!) people beta-tested Windows 7.

Through the Living with Windows program Microsoft recorded over 40.000 hours of data of customers to understand how they were using the new operating system. In addition user information from more then 200 countries and regions is analyzed to get a insight of how Windows is used in the different countries and cultures (more then 1 billion user sessions!. It seems that a lot of customers opened 14 windows next to each other, which was one of the reasons the way users can switch between windows has changed a lot.

**Why Zevenhuizen?
** Since Saturday October 17th, 2009 a large part of the town of Zevenhuizen is running Windows 7. With this last step a period of testing in the Netherlands comes to an end. A period in which 260.000 customers tried Windows 7 in the Beta and RC phase and a number of 20 companies who used Windows 7 during their daily work. This makes Windows 7 the most tested operating system ever!

Zevenhuizen is one of 7 cities in the municiplity of Leek. Zevenhuizen also is near highway A7 and (you probably already got this one yourself) there is Seven (Zeven = Seven in English). Theo also told that the 2800 inhabitants of Zevenhuizen are a good reflection of the general Dutch public : They have a lot of entrepreneurs, a couple of schools and enough consumers!

Windows 7 makes the daily tasks easier with the new taskbar, jump lists and the Home Group functionality. For the professional it also brings technology like BitLocker ToGo and Direct Access.

For more info just visit : (or for the Dutch

You should also check out the Windows7Huizen video!