TechNet Live : KeyNote Steve Ballmer

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Steve start with a couple of jokes about the Dutch Traffic. It took him less time to travel from Munich to Amsterdam then it took him to travel from Amsterdam to The Hague.

He talks about the launch and rollout of Windows 7. In this economical difficult times, he says, there is one business which will help innovate all the other business : The IT Industry!


IDC Pronounces that there will be 27000 new IT jobs between 2009 and 2013…..for the rest he talks about the great new products (Windows 7 for the most). The New Efficiency….Do More With Less!

After Steve’s keynote it was time for the Q&A. Here you have a few pictures I took during the Q&A.


How Dutch can we have it? The first question is from John van Berkum from the Flowerbulb inspection Service

Steve is thinking about an answer on the question from the man below (the one with the camera ).