7Huizen : First Global Windows 7 Launch for Consumers

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Today at 12:00 sharp the mayor Hoekstra and Theo Rinzema (Microsoft) started the first 7 deployment. It seems that this is the first

Global Windows 7 launch for Consumers .

Theo told the people of Zevenhuizen why Microsoft had chosen Zevenhuizen for the first deployment : Zevenhuizen is one of 7 cities in the municiplity of Leek. Zevenhuizen also is near highway A7 and (you probably already got this one yourself) there is Seven (Zeven = Seven in English). Theo also told that the 2800 inhabitants of Zevenhuizen are a good reflection of the general Dutch public : They have a lot of entrepreneurs, a couple of schools and enough consumers!

People are entering the Verenigingsgebouw.

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Not every knows where this is all about. Anybody knows who this is?

Mayor Hoekstra and Theo Rinsema (Microsoft NL) held a small speech to start the official deployment of Windows 7.

Of course Showband Concordia from Zevenhuizen was also part of the party.

The administration desk where the people of Zevenhuizen could register for a free copy of Windows 7.

Around 14:00 I left Zevenhuizen, so at the moment I can’t tell you if the deployment went successful, but hey it’s Windows 7….not Windows XP or Vista….I can’t imagine that the deployment wouldn’t go well!