Update #2 : Join the Dutch or Belgian Get On The Bus Event

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Just last week I blogged about the Get On The Bus Tour and how you can get on the bus yourself. Tonight Eric mailed me that the registration page for the Dutch and Belgian Get On The Bus stops.

If you want to meet the MS Learning Crew (Tjeerd, Ken, Joanne, Liberty, Stephen, Melissa, David, Dana or Ian) and me they only thing you have to do is to register for the Dutch stop which will be at InfoSupport in Veenendaal.

You can register for the event by clicking this link. If you want to register for the Belgian event (which will be held in Mechelen), just click this link.

Register for the event
Friday October 30th 9am – 12pm – Mechelen, Belgium
Monday November 2nd 6:30pm – 9pm – Veenendaal, Netherlands

Update : When you are registering for the event, you have to enter a BTW nummer (see picture below) to submit the form. You can use a fake number (if you’re not registering as a company).


Update #2 : Just received the InfoSupport newsletter today : The first 50 who register for the event will receive a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate!