Windows 7 RTM on TechNet

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Tonight somewhere around 19:00 CET Windows 7 became available for download at TechNet and MSDN. Too bad the servers are overloaded right now and my maximum download speed lays around 100 KB/sec. So tomorrow morning the download will probably be finished!

Earlier this evening I attended the Dutch Windows First Wave Community Kick-Off at Microsoft NL HQ. It was a really great event and I met a lot of intersting new people (too bad I didn’t have a chat with Pieter who commented on my blog that he would like to drink a beer with me :-). Pieter if you read can make it up with me on the next event. If I understood Wouter correctly there will be an follow up event somewhere in the next few months.

At the end of the event we even received a great Windows 7 Fleece coat. Too bad all the big sizes were not available when we left, so I received a Medium size coat. Thanks to Tony Krijnen (who also received a XL coat) I now have a XL coat for myself…and M size for my wife (who is really happy with her coat). Later on I will post a picture of the coat…hehe…just to make you guys jealous!

So, enough about tonights kick-off…they only thing you probably want are the download links to the Windows 7 bits!

Download Windows 7 via TechNet
Download Windows 7 via MSDN

UPDATE : At the moment the TechNet/MSDN downloads are very slow. @RutgerSmit (thanks rutger!) mentioned the Top Downloads link at TechNet/MSDN to me so you can download at high speed!

Download Windows 7 at High Speed from TechNet (via Akamai)
Download Windows 7 at High Speed from MSDN (via Akamai)