Update : Allow Internet Access to Home Media…Too Many Devices linked?

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Way back (in March 09) I blogged about the way Windows 7 enables you to share your Home Media via the Internet with Media Player 12. Every time I installed a new build (or another device) I linked it to the same Windows Live ID. This wasn’t a problem…until now!

Just after the release of Windows Live Movie Maker and my decision to remove OS X (hackintosh) from my pc to return to my favorite OS…OS 7 ehh..Windows 7, I tried to add my fresh installed pc to be able to play my home media when I’m on the road.

Then something strange happened. I followed the same procedure as always, but this time linking my device to my Windows Live ID failed!


Oke, I can understand that the number of deviced you can link is limited, but I can’t find a way to remove any of the prehistoric devices (all the ‘old’ Windows 7 installations and my virtual machines) from the list.


As you can see in the picture above my pc (PCHELMER) is shown twice. In total you can link up to ten devices to one Windows Live ID (I’m unable to link the 11th one).

Update : I’ve had contact with Microsoft about this issue and all they could only tell me the following : It’s a know issue, and we are working on it!

WORKAROUND :_ ****Link your devices to **another** (or new) Windows Live ID so you can connect 10 different devices again._

I’m not sure when it will be fixed, or what the fix is going to be….but if there is a fix I will update my blog.