Some software companies just HATE Vista…don’t they?

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Right now I’m doing an APP-V project. One of the App-V Team members had to sequence the application Cress (Dutch application). Because he had some issues with the application (maybe it should be renamed to Crash for that reason 🙂 ) he was doing some research on the application’s website.

If you’re going to visit the page, beware…it looks really awful!

When he was searching in the application’s FAQ he discovered a really nice solution : Downgrade to Windows XP. This is just because they don’t/won’t support Windows Vista because there seems to be a budget problem. Just below this text you see a screenshot of the Cress’s FAQ page.


I think it’s really arrogant to totally ignore Vista and advise the organizations that use the application simply to downgrade instead of deliver the right amount of support.

For the record : The application does run on Windows Vista and only the help function is giving problems. During the sequencing process my colleague ran into some problems with some registry keys, this was the reason he was searching for some support in the faq when he ran into these crazy lines 🙂