UPDATE : MCP : 71-680 – Windows 7 Configuring Learning info!

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Just checking the MS Learning blog to check if there are already some peers who attended the 71-680 what the heck….they have a new blog. On the blog there’s no new exam information, but lucky me…on the Innovative Technology Weblog there is some info! (Thanks Erik!)

This exam also has a lot of questions (75 question) and you have 180 minutes the complete the exam. If you are still preparing for the exam, you should also check my Preparing for the Windows 7, Configuring exam for more info about the exam.

Let’s quote some of the post with exam subjects of Erik Luppes:

  • BranchCache
  • Direct Access
  • IPv6 (only a couple of questions)
  • Imaging, Deployment, VHD
  • USMT
  • System Restore
  • Windows Update (couple of questions)
  • Windows EasyTransfer
  • BitLocker (a few questions)

Also know how to make a bootable USB Windows 7 installation stick and try to study on how Windows 7 works in a HomeGroup (not all questions are Enterprise related but also home-use related)

Because of the current beta status of the exam you will not receive a score report at the end of the exam, you have to wait the well known 8 – 12 weeks before you will know if you passed or failed the exam!

UPDATE : A few of my peers told me that if you can pass a Windows XP, Windows Vista exam…this one shouldn’t be a problem also!

I will attend the exam myself at May 18 (the last day you can attend the exam), so the score reports will probably be available around the second half of July!