Geek Night 2009

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After months of preparations yesterday evening it was time for

Geek Night! The event itself was entirely in Dutch, so the text on the pictures might be difficult to read for my international readers 🙂

**The Key Note

** At 7:00pm the key note started (it’s publish the link when Microsoft has published it). The key note was more of a entire gadget demo show!

Tony en Daniel

While Tony and Daniel introduced each other they asked the audience to e-mail them so they could proof that they were using a live environment. In a few minutes Daniel’s mailbox start receiving e-mail messages! Daniel wanted to demonstrate the voice-capabilities of his mailbox, but because of all the received e-mail messages his ‘test’ messages at first failed to be read! There is just one thing I could say : COOL! In the early days of Exchange 2007 you had to mention the language in which a message should be read, but at this demo Exchange recognized the language automagically! Tony was, as you can see in the picture below, sitting on the couch in ‘his’ living room.


After the read demo Daniel connected to Tony (who was at ‘home’) through Office Communicator. He showed how you can use Office Communicator in combination with Live Meeting to use the webcam to connect to colleagues at the office and share applications with them.

After the ‘business’ demo it was time for the ‘gadget’ demo’s. I can tell you one thing, some of the things are already in place at my home, but I’ve see some nice new stuff to ‘upgrade’ my media experience at home! The best thing is that most the gadgets they used aren’t even that expensive! They used the following gadgets:

  1. Microsoft XBOX 360 (**)
  2. Microsoft Surface
  3. Microsoft Zune
  4. Media Center PC (***)
  5. 2 x Sonos Player ZP120 (*)
  6. 2 x Sonos Player ZP90 (*)
  7. Samsung Omnia i900 (*)
  8. Philips Streamium 1100 (*)
  9. Sony DSC-G3
  10. Sony Vaio
  11. Sony Bravia LCD TV
  12. Sony PS3 (*)
  13. FujitsuTablet PC T4220 (***)
  14. Acer Homeserver
  15. i-Mate Momento (Digitaal fotolijstje met SideShow: Twitter en MediaPlayer)

(*) – DLNA Capable

(**) – DLNA Capable when in ‘Media Center Extender’-mode

(***) – DLNA Capable when Windows 7 is installed

They demonstrated how you can (by the use of DLNA, easily play music from your Windows 7 laptop/pc through a Sonos Player, XBOX 360 or PS3 (I wrote about this Play To functionality back in January on my blog). I’m not sure if it’s also possible to play music (by using DLNA) through a Philips Streamium. A Sonos Player still costs about 350 euro’s, and you already have a Philips Streamium for about 150 euro’s!

Tony and Daniel also showed a few new Windows 7 features. They started with a Touch Screen related stuff and they showed Direct Access, they didn’t mentioned it by name though. It’s a handy feature with which you can connect to the corporate network without the use of VPN Daniel demonstrated this by showing us some corporate intranet pages including the personal intranet page of Steve Ballmer. After the Windows 7 demo they showed some stuff on a Surface, it’s (at last) also for sale in the Netherlands!

Demonstratie van Microsoft Surface

At the end of the key note the (in the Netherlands) very famous Geek Band performed on stage!


I recorded a small video (with my digital camera), which you can see below.

**Rock Band

** The entire night you could qualify for the Guitar Hero World Tour Competition Finale. Below you can see some of the performers!

HPIM1524� ****

Break Out Sessies

During the evening you could also visit a couple of break out sessions, but due to the people I met during Geek Night I didn’t attend any of the sessions. They sure were very Geeky!