XBOX 360 : Xtival Spring ’09 starts this Friday

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Just like last year (and the year before that) this weekend it’s Xtival Spring ‘09 time! And again this year it’s Europe only!

What is Xtival again? Everybody gets a XBOX Live Gold Membership for FREE during this weekend to game online whole weekend long! New this year are the Stewards, they’re there to help you if you have any question. Just visit the Xtival Spring and add them to your friends!

More info about Xtival Spring ‘09 (United Kingdom)

Meer informatie over Xtival Voorjaar ‘09 (Nederland / België)
Plus d’information plus de Xtival Printemps ‘09 (France / Belgique )
Mehr Info vorbei Xtival Fruhling ‘09 (Deutchland / Österreich)
Mehr Info vorbei Xtival Fruhling ‘09 (Schweiz)
Più Info sopra Xtival Primavera ‘09 (Italia)
Más Info encima Xtival Primavera ‘09 (España)
More info about Xtival Forår ‘09 (Danmark)

If your language isn’t in the above list, click this link to go to your own localized version. If you get a Looking for something at The page you tried could not be found’ error then Xtival is not available in your country!