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Who wouldn’t like to spend more quality time with clients and less time preparing for presentations? In the Windows Demo Toolkit you’ll find the tools and training to communicate Windows with a fraction of the time investment. Whether selling Windows OS, Windows Live, or related products and services, these demos give you a foundation to build your story.

At the heart of the Windows Demo Toolkit is the Foundation Suite. It contains a preconfigured installation of Windows 7 Beta and Windows Live Essentials you can install on a PC, along with demo scripts, sample content, and related software to help you present Windows at its best.

Click-through demos are perfect for those hard-to-communicate features that rely on existing infrastructure like multiple PCs, virtualization servers, or specially configured websites. They are self-contained examples that behave like interactive recordings of a particular demo. An added benefit is that the click-through demos also come with a practice mode where you can learn the demos and speaking points – great for those long flights!

Even if you are the type who handcrafts their business for each client, you’ll find value in the resource documents provided in the Windows Demo Toolkit. From demo scripts written by the same people working on the products, to guidance in preparing Windows for presentations, the documents help provide a blueprint for showing Windows to the world.

For more info (and the invitation code) just visit the blogpost at Gathering of Tweakers.

Source : Microsoft Connect / Gathering of Tweakers