100% XP Compatible? – Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

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Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott reveal a new Windows 7 application compatibility feature called Windows XP Mode. The only thing I can say about it is that there’s no reason left to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7! Let’s hope so!

Especially in businesses there are a lot of applications which (probably) won’t run perfectly on Windows 7. Windows 7 has a solution for the incompatible applications. It’s called : Windows XP Mode (XPM). 


XPM is nothing more then a virtual-pc based virtual environment with Windows XP with SP3 installed. Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate users can download it for free from the Microsoft Website.

You can compare XPM with Virtual PC, but with the difference that you don’t have to run the virtual environment they way you’ve (probably) tested Windows 7. 🙂 A application which you install inside the XPM environment is simply published to your Windows 7 host as well. That way it’s possible to run XP based applications from your Windows 7 installation!

Paul Thurrott has published cool pictures about the XPM setup on his SuperSite for Windows! Click here to visit the gallery. Rafael has also a nice post about XPM.

Too bad it’s not available for the consumer versions of Windows 7 right now, but Windows 7 is not released yet..so maybe this will change!