Windows 7 Build 7048 : What do you think?

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I updated my Windows 7 Build 7000 (64-bit) with a new build today : Build 7048! The upgrade went smooth! No errors, but I did found some strange things. Because my business laptop was running a 32-bit version of Build 7022 and I really want all of my (64-bit capable) machines to run the latest build I had to wipe the laptop!

**Homegroup Errors

** Because all the machines in our household are running Windows 7 (as you could read earlier even the ‘older’ PC which is mainly used by my wife is running Windows 7) I created a Homegroup so we could easily share documents, media and (of course) the printer.

When I upgraded my pc (from build 7000 to 7048) I had to recreate the Homegroup, but when I tried to do that I received the error you can see in the next screenshot.

Windows cannot setup a homegroup on this computer

I’m also unable to join an existing Homegroup, because no Homegroup exists.


The strange thing about this is that during the reinstallation of my laptop I received a message that a Homegroup was found and that I could join it. So maybe upgrading my Build 7000 installation wasn’t the right thing to do, but right now I don’t have the time for a complete reinstallation. So I probably have to live with the Windows cannot set up a homegroup on this computer and the There is currently no homegroup on the network errors on my pc…

Uninstall Internet Explorer 8

Another new thing in this build is the opportunity to uninstall Internet Explorer 8! Just check out the screenshot below from the Windows Features screen.


MediaLibrary / MediaCenter

I’m really happy with this build, because the Hauppauge HVR-2200 I received a few weeks ago works fine (with 8GB of memory) in this build. So I can finally start recording TV broadcasts!

Right now I’m still testing the issue I reported about the Windows Media Library, but it seems to be solved in this build. So I can finally remove TVersity and use the Windows Library again…