Update : Windows 7 (64-bit) and Sierra Wireless HSDPA

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As you probably know, I’m running Windows 7 for a long time now. With the installation of the ‘official’ Windows 7 Beta after a few weeks I received a Action Center message that there was an updated driver for my biometric fingerprintreader, which I could install and use. Since the installation of the latest ‘unofficial’ build the biometric driver wasn’t installed automatically, but after a manual installation the driver (and the icon with the exclamation mark disappeared).

Note : I installed the driver on my Windows 7 64-bit installation, but I noticed that there’s also a 32-bit driver available in the package!

Note 2 : Tony Krijnen also tested the driver with a Sierra Wireless MC 8780 (On a Fujitsu Siemens T4220) and the drivers works on that config also! Thanks Tony for testing!

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  Too bad still two devices couldn’t be installed automatically. One of them was the Sierra Wireless (<em>MC 8775</em>) HSDPA Wireless adapter which is integrated in my Lenovo T61.� � � � there were three devices in my Laptop (Lenovo T61) which, at the <em>Devices and Printers </em>screen, gave me the icon you see below.

Because I have internet access everywhere I didn’t really bother, but today one of my colleagues asked me if I already had the HSDPA modem working and I had to answer him that I didn’t….

After a small Google search and some reading I didn’t find a solution. Hans (the colleague in question) mailed me a driver he found somewhere which should do the job….and it worked!

Let me explain how I finally got the HSDPA modem working:

Step 1 : Download the Sierra Wireless driver and unzip it.

Step 2 : Open Devices and Printers (Start-> just type Devices and printers and press enter)

Step 3 : Right click the Mini Card icon with the exlamation mark next to it (see the picture above)

Step 4 : Click Properties

Step 5 : Click Change Settings (maybe you have to go to the Hardware tab and press Properties first)

Step 6 : Click Update (or Install) driver on the driver tab

Step 7 : Click Browse my computer for driver software


Step 8 : Browse to the MC8755ACDriversWinVista64bit click Next

Step 9 : When the driver installation finished successfully you probably see a few more (new) devices appear in the Unspecified list. For every new device you have to repeat steps 3 to 8 to install the correct driver.

Step 10 : It could be possible that you still have a Network Adapter/Controller with a exlamation mark left, just repeat steps 3 to 8 also for this device. At the end you should see something like the image below!


I also had to install the Vodafone Connect Software to use my HSDPA modem, but if you have a different HSDPA/Mobile Phone operator you probably want to install their software 🙂

Download the Sierra Wireless HSDPA (MC8775) driver

More info about Sierra Wireless and Windows 7