Windows 7 Beta Updates test starts today

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Today is the day that the Windows Updates system for Windows 7 is being tested. I ran into this nice announcement about it on the Microsoft TechNet Forums :

Starting on February 24th we will be offering some test updates to Windows 7 Beta (build 7000) computers. We do typically verify update scenarios during a Beta, and releasing these test updates will help ensure that when we need to release real updates, the process will run smoothly. There will be at most five updates. These updates test the Windows 7 servicing infrastructure. They will not deliver any new features or fixes.

The updates will be offered interactively. This means that users will be notified of available updates, but they won’t install automatically. Users will need to go to the Windows Update control panel and manually start installation. They will also be clearly titled as a test update. If you don’t want to install the updates then you can right click on each update and select “Hide update” to prevent it from being shown in the list of available updates.

MU Team

So just to be sure : If you’re running Windows 7 Beta and you’ll see several updates coming up, they won’t install anything…it’s just a test!