Solution for problems with Vista x64 (and 4+ GB) with PVR-500

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Maybe you can remember my post about an issue I had with my Hauppauge PVR-500 in combination with Windows Vista 64-bits and more then 4 GB of memory. For a long time I didn’t use my TV Card.

Thanks to a fellow member on the Dutch forum Gathering of Tweakers in my discussion (in Dutch) about this problem, Hauppauge finally replaced my card for a other one (I had mail them the old one and paid a bit for the new one), but it’s working right now!

So if you have (bought) a Hauppauge PVR-150 or PVR-500 and your total amount of RAM exceeds the 4GB, I would recommend you to contact Hauppauge in Germany to tell them that you’re TV card isn’t working anymore after your pc exceeds the 4GB. Just fill out the contact form on their homepage.

Yesterday I received a HVR-2200 which works nicely with Windows Vista 64-bit, but in Windows 7 it’s sadly enough a bit buggy…but this probably will be fixed in the near future!